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Open House is an installation by Jack Stenner and Patrick LeMieux that allows visitors to telematically squat in a Florida home undergoing foreclosure after the U.S. housing collapse. Virtual markets transformed this otherwise livable property into a ghost house. Prior to the collapse, the movements of global capital seemed like a distant reality to most homeowners, but in the end it was imaginary systems of value, not bricks and mortar, that fell apart. Open House temporarily resists eviction by mirroring the market and creating hybrid subjects who occupy both virtual and physical space. Cross the threshold, open the door, flicker the lights, and rattle the shutters.


Open House is now CLOSED!

As is typical in American jurisprudence, justice is determined by money. Bank of America can outlast any poor homeowner. We can't afford to maintain the internect connection, so the networked installation is no longer live. Open House the application continues to function, however, in an "archive" mode that substitutes recorded for live video. and doesn't actually operate doors/blinds/lights at the physical property. The squatters remain, and we hope they extract whatever benefit is possible through this situation.